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Read anything good lately?book reviews and recommended books by Hovav heth
You know that feeling when you want to read something good, a book that you will take to bed with you at the end of the day or on the subway on the way to and from work? so now that you'r looking for something to read but not sure what, you start asking your friends or your family, or maybe you check out books on Amazon or read reviews on LibraryThing?

It Does not matter which way you do it - you still need someone to tell you if a book you're interested in is good or not. For this reason you can check out all of Hovavs book recommendations on this page. Because what could be better when you're looking for a book recommendation then to get one from a great author and writer such as Hovav Heth?

See below a list of links to book reviews and recommended books by Hovav Heth. Read book reviews and recommendations by Hovav and what he has to say about other books and writers. 

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