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Review of Think Of a Number by John Verdon

Review of Think Of a Number - Hovav Heth

If you like detective stories, you`d better start reading this addictive series - four books have already been written and there are probably more to come, so this guarantees you a whole lot of enjoyable reading hours. Dave Guerny, the protagonist in Verdon's books is an ex detective. He is retired from the police force, in which he was famous for solving serial killer cases. Quite bizarrely, as he is trying to live a normal life with his wife, in a rather secluded house, he seems to run into serial killers, whichever turn he takes. Irony aside, these are great detective books.

Dave Gurney is an extremly logical man and the solutions are truely great- intelligent and interesting. In this book, the first one, some poor guy, a friend of Gurney's of course, gets a phone call. The message is simple- think of a number between 1 to 1000. When he chooses a number, he is sent outside to his mail box where he finds a letter mailed long ago with a piece of paper on, where the very same number is written. I am quite sure that you have already guessed that this friend did not have a long and prosperous life after that. The solution will surprise you, I can assure you that and there are many other mysteries on the way- it`s really a fascinating book. But it's not just the way Dave Gurney solves those mysteries. 

John Verdom has created a complex and touching character. Everything about him from his relationship with his wife and son, to his tormented relationship with his dead son and father, is reliable and touching. You will really want to get to know Dave Gurney and you will want him to succeed. Last thing- there is going to be a movie soon and I really can't wait to see it.

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