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The Lobster's State of MindThe Lobster's State of Mind

Do lobsters have desires? When we kill a cockroach, are we committing a heinous crime? This is the subject of one of the twelve short stories in the book 'The Lobster's State of Mind', which deals with addiction to video games of a guy whose girlfriend dumped him and the love life of a stripper. 



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Just This One Time

"Just This One Time" is a brand new high-tech novel by Hovav Heth' which follows Ayal, a young, successful and handsome Vice President in a fast growing high-tech company based in Tel-Aviv, who decides to cheat on his wife.







A Bullet to the HeartA Bullet to the Heart

Liran Avital has everything a 22 years old can want. He is a star soccer player who led his team to the championship. Prestigious European teams are interested in acquiring him and he has all the money and women he could possibly want. But someone is trying to extort him and his affair with Ronit, a married woman, burdens his conscience. Things become even more complicated once it becomes clear that the mafia is also involved…     



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