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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This is the site of The writer Hovav Het ("the Site"). Use of this website is subject to conditions which are set forth below (the "Terms of Use"), and your agreemant to these terms. Herein defined policy on the use of the site, reading or acquisition of information from the user in order to ensure proper operation, reasonable legal and the information contained therein. Application of the policy is for all visitors to the site who want to use it (the "User").


Under the law of copyright in Israel, and also according to international conventions, including those published on this site belong intrepid amateur writer. In addition, all copyrights and intellectual property on the site, including the design, content and all software, application, graphic file, computer code, text and other materials contained therein of any kind - are the amateur writer Chet, or third parties amateur writer Chet received a license to use them properly and full consent, except in the case of a handout or an external site linked to the site through a link.

Copyright of these apply, inter alia, to any text, image, illustration, map, sound clip, video, graphics, and software applications that are included on the site (the "protected material"), unless otherwise expressly provided that the rights protected material belongs to another party. User may make "fair use" of the protected material for personal use only, as set out in the law. "Fair use" includes reasonable quotation of the protected material. User must specify the source of the quotation. User may not alter protected material, processing, damage or other change, or any other act which might diminish the value of the protected material likely to damage the name or reputation of the copyright holder.

Subject to the law of copyright, User may not copy, display publicly broadcast, publish or redistribute, protected material, give to third parties or used for any commercial or non-commercial else in any part of the above without the prior written consent of the author or Sava intrepid amateur authorized strength that.

Is strictly forbidden the use information (data, publications, quotations from other sources, amateur writer Chet, and the company that runs the site, are not responsible for and shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect caused to the user site response to the reduction of materials from it, including infections from viruses, malicious hardware and the like. For the avoidance of doubt, the responsibility will be on each case of this kind.

Intrepid amateur writer and also the company that runs the site, are not responsible for any sites linked to the site and are not responsible for the content of external sites or pages link to the site of an amateur writer Chet. Use of a link is the responsibility of the user Blbd.hsofr intrepid amateur and now operates the site objects retain the right to update and change the Terms of Use. The user must read this page from time to time to keep up with the terms of use. For the avoidance of doubt, any cause of action, claim, complaint or complaint derives from've read the terms will be responsibility of the user.

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